IMS ( Insulated  Metal  Substrate ) and  MC ( Metal Core )  PCB’s    are   redefining  the  spectrum of   its  applications.
These  ‘Heat Sink’  PCB’s   are   very  apt  for  modern  days  requirements  where  in  high  amount  of  current  flows  through  the  PCB.

The standard PCB tools ( Drills and Routers ) does not work well with these PCB’s as the machining strategy of Dielectric ( Glass-epoxy or Teflon ) is very different from that of Metal ( AI & Cu ).

INDSPHINX offers complete range of Drills and Routers  that are specifically designed to work on such composite materials. These tools are also available with CVD Diamond Coating and PVD Coating which can enhance the performance of the tools by ~ 5 to 10 times. Since the tool manufacturing and coating is done at the same place, the compatibility between the two is assured resulitng in optimum performance of the tools. 




Dia Range

D7451 / X7451D

Drill Diamond Coated

0.55 – 3.175 mm

D5341 / X534D

Inverse Drill Diamond Coated

3.20 – 6.50 mm

P8201 / P8261

2 Flute Router

0.30 – 3.175 mm


2 Flute Aluminium Router

0.40 – 3.175 mm


3 Flute Router

0.60 – 3.175 mm


Single Flute Router

0.40 – 3.175 mm

P8291 / X829R

2 Flute Router Diamond Coated

0.40 – 3.00 mm

                                                                                                                                                                       On request:Inch sizes / Special dimensions



Optimised tool geometries

Processing of new generation PCBs

High wear resistant

High dimensional accuracy

Ultra fine Tungsten carbide grades

Longer tool life

Efficient Chip removal

Smooth finish