PCBs are moving towards Miniaturization and evolving as system solution addressing concerns of Mobility, Safety and Energy Efficiency by using technologies like MCM & HDI. Materials like ‘Hybrid Ceramic-filled Hydrocarbon with Woven Glass’ can ensure Performance and Reliability of the PCB over a variety of applications like HF Boards and Heavy Cu Boards.
However, these materials offer sever challenges to CNC processing.

INDSPHINX offers complete range of CVD Diamond Coated Routers, Drills and Special Tools for CNC processing of such demanding PCB materials.



CVD Diamond coating by manufacturer.

Coating done by the tool manufacturer to obtain least combination of Tool Designing and Coating Formulation. 

Wear resistant

Stability in Drilling and Routing process to achieve tight tolernaces consistently.

Life multiplier

Reduction in frequent change of tools and machine downtime.

Chip evacuation

Aggressive paramteres resulting in improvement of Productivity.

INDSPHINX is Future Ready with Tools for Emerging Applications