INDSPHINX – High Precision Drills and Routers for HDI PCBs

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INDSPHINX - High Precision Drills and Routers for HDI PCBs

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Smart phones, Touch-screen devices, Laptops , Digital cameras, 4G network communications, Medical devices and Aircraft components have witnessed a paradigm shift towards HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCBs. In general, an HDI PCB features blind and buried vias and often contains microvias that are 0.15 mm in diameter or even less. Microvias have smaller aspect ratios than through-hole vias and provide greater reliability for HDI boards. INDSPHINX offers High Precision PCB Drills, Routers and Special tools designed and customised to meet the requirements of mechanical CNC processing of such PCB’s. At INDSPHINX, designing and production processes work in synchronized environment to ensure High Precision Tools with desired high quality hole viz size, positional accuracy, hole wall roughness are achieved. Recently added CVD Diamond coating enhances our capabilities to offer front end coating technology for emerging Printed Circuit Board materials. Our Swiss heritage and vibrant Team ensures High Precision Tools with Quality, Precision and Consistency. We strive that technological advances are continuously embraced and complimented with our skills and expertise in Tool making. Innovation are way of life at INDSPHINX !!

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